Seeking Atlantis

Seeking Atlantis

This blog is not so much about finding and seeking Atlantis as it is about not repeating the mistakes of Atlantis.

I have no doubt in believing some of the theories that Atlantis actually existed.  One major theory is that it’s a submerged city off the coast of Florida or maybe further South in the Bahamas, as evidenced by the Bermuda triangle, possibly indicated by the presence of a submerged electrical reactor of some kind.

The featured National Geographic 2014 video (to the right) explores alternate theories that Atlantis existed in what are now the mud flats in Donana Park, Spain or possibly further east in the islands of Greece or the Black Sea.

It’s possible that Atlantis existed and thrived on land somewhere, long ago, submerged by the ever constantly rising ocean waters, or alternately the victim of earthquakes and tsunamis.

But given that Atlantis existed,  the mistake we are currently repeating is that a lot of our intellectual creations, routine documentations and user manuals are purely electronic. Pull the plug and you don’t have access to them. Remove the creating city like Atlantis and everything is gone and unreachable.

Look at civilizations and cultures like the Mayans. We know as much about them as we do, because among other things, they even carved their calendars in stone.   Details of their life and culture in stone that has survived eons of erosion.  

Contrast that to our our cloud-based Google calendars, which are like vapor and would be unreadable with the disappearance of our electric grid.

So that is basically the thought I’m going to put out there. We are possibly and very likely repeating the mistakes of Atlantis. And we might be seeking Atlantis forever, but there’s nothing to be found, except for building remnants.

Are we going down the same road?  Will we leave anything behind to let our successors know what we were about and had achieved?

Is Florida the next Atlantis ?

Seeking Atlantis



Rebuilding Our World

If an EMP attack or natural catastrophe wiped out our electric and electronic grid, who among us could rebuild our world from scratch?   Even worse, a nuclear holocaust. 

I mean down to the basics.   

How is our public water pressurized.   Sewage treatment.  Mining metals.  Creation and distribution of electrical power.

Creating anything?

If everything you were used to, and take for granted, were reduced to a memory, how would you begin to resurrect the world as you remember it?

Picture a world with no You-Tube ‘how-to’ videos.  No online user manuals.  No communication beyond your own neighborhood.

Where would you start?


The Entire State Of Florida Could Be The Next Atlantis

Florida is nothing but a gigantic sand spit sticking out into two oceans, the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico.

On a map a line drawn East to West along latitude 30° North underneath Florida’s Panhandle to the West — everything in Florida below that line essentially comprises the sand spit. Latitude 30° North becomes the new oceanfront as a catastrophic tsunami rolls over and removes the sand spit to the south, formerly known as the state of Florida.

Ahead of the tsunami possibility, the hydrostatic pressure underneath what appears to be a calm surface must be enormous, seeking to reunite the two bodies of water. It’s a no-brainer looking at all the visible standing water when you fly over Florida by plane or the prevalent incidences of sinkholes, Florida has a very high water table and leads a very fragile existence.

Add to this the dimensions of a very exposed eastern coastline to the prevailing fetch extending as far away as the West Coast of Africa, and even the West Coast of continental Europe. An underwater volcano there triggering a tsunami that would travel hundreds of miles across the Atlantic Ocean unhindered by any landmass, arriving unchecked on the US Eastern shore.

What are the odds of Florida surviving that geological/geophysical possibility?

On a smaller scale. There’ve been smaller islands in the Caribbean developed as destination resorts with foundations reinforced by tons of concrete, but wiped out overnight by massive weather of hurricanes and wind driven water.

You can easily picture the fate of Atlantis targeted by similar weather.

Florida is no different.



Contemplating The Future


A Fragile Shoreline


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