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Rebuilding Our World

If an EMP attack or natural catastrophe wiped out our electric and electronic grid, who among us could rebuild our world from scratch?   Even worse, a nuclear holocaust.  I mean down to the basics.    How is our public water pressurized.   Sewage treatment.  Mining metals.  Creation and distribution of electrical power. Creating anything? […]

The Entire State Of Florida Could Be The Next Atlantis

Florida is nothing but a gigantic sand spit sticking out into two oceans, the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. On a map a line drawn East to West along latitude 30° North underneath Florida’s Panhandle to the West — everything in Florida below that line essentially comprises the sand spit. Latitude 30° North becomes the […]

Seeking Atlantis

Seeking Atlantis This blog is not so much about finding and seeking Atlantis as it is about not repeating the mistakes of Atlantis. I have no doubt in believing some of the theories that Atlantis actually existed.  One major theory is that it’s a submerged city off the coast of Florida or maybe further South […]

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