The Entire State Of Florida Could Be The Next Atlantis

Florida is nothing but a gigantic sand spit sticking out into two oceans, the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico.

On a map a line drawn East to West along latitude 30° North underneath Florida’s Panhandle to the West — everything in Florida below that line essentially comprises the sand spit. Latitude 30° North becomes the new oceanfront as a catastrophic tsunami rolls over and removes the sand spit to the south, formerly known as the state of Florida.

Ahead of the tsunami possibility, the hydrostatic pressure underneath what appears to be a calm surface must be enormous, seeking to reunite the two bodies of water. It’s a no-brainer looking at all the visible standing water when you fly over Florida by plane or the prevalent incidences of sinkholes, Florida has a very high water table and leads a very fragile existence.

Add to this the dimensions of a very exposed eastern coastline to the prevailing fetch extending as far away as the West Coast of Africa, and even the West Coast of continental Europe. An underwater volcano there triggering a tsunami that would travel hundreds of miles across the Atlantic Ocean unhindered by any landmass, arriving unchecked on the US Eastern shore.

What are the odds of Florida surviving that geological/geophysical possibility?

On a smaller scale. There’ve been smaller islands in the Caribbean developed as destination resorts with foundations reinforced by tons of concrete, but wiped out overnight by massive weather of hurricanes and wind driven water.

You can easily picture the fate of Atlantis targeted by similar weather.

Florida is no different.



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